Post #6 What is the first step when you’re converting sales? Thank your new subscriber, Build trust, Attract visitors, Make irresistible offersPost #6

The first step when converting sales is to attract visitors.

In the context of a sales funnel or conversion process, attracting visitors is the crucial initial step that precedes all other actions. Without visitors or potential customers entering the funnel, there would be no one to convert into leads, subscribers, or paying customers.

Here's why attracting visitors is the first step in converting sales:

  1. Awareness: Before any conversion can take place, potential customers need to become aware of your business, product, or service. Attracting visitors through various marketing channels (e.g., social media, search engines, advertising) is the first step in creating this awareness.
  2. Traffic generation: Driving targeted traffic to your website, landing pages, or other digital properties is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers and introducing them to your offering.
  3. Top of the funnel: Attracting visitors represents the top of the sales funnel, where a broad audience is exposed to your brand and value proposition for the first time.
  4. Prerequisite for conversion: Without visitors, there would be no one to nurture, build trust with, or make offers to. Attracting visitors is the necessary foundation for all subsequent conversion steps.

While building trust, making irresistible offers, and thanking new subscribers are all important steps in the conversion process, they can only occur after visitors have been successfully attracted to your business.

Once you have a steady stream of targeted visitors, you can then focus on optimizing your funnel to build trust, present compelling offers, and ultimately convert those visitors into paying customers or subscribers.

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